Indicators Setting

The setting displays the most relevant indicator from within our premium features. These indicators are extremely useful to easily obtain and using when trading day-trade or swing-trade.


Trend Catcher
The color of the indicator determines the detected trend.
Top & Bottom
When choosing this indicator, Yellow ball (Top) and Purple Ball will be displayed on your chart. Each ball tell a different story, It show up when huge volume in selling, or buying. In each timeframe, with top & bottom ball that helps you more clearly what the next moving of candles OR trend. It works perfect on higher timeframe such as; 15M to 1H.
We script this one for combining VWAP , EMA50. The tool is fantastic if traders know how VWAP , EMA work? Just adding this script in your favorite and work like charm: VWAP: How to trade with that - One of the simplest uses of the VWAP is gauging support and/or resistance. - A trader who is long a stock can use the VWAP as a target exit if its trading below. - A stock trading over intraday VWAP may be bullish , while a stock trading under may be bearish
Support & Resistance
This indicator is one of the most popular indicators found FrogAlgo Toolkit. It offers areas of support and resistance. When utilized in conjunction with confirmation signals, it offers real-time levels that can be traded to weed out erroneous signals and locate entrances to once more achieve maximum profits.
FrogAlgo Cloud
When enabled, a simple cloud like indicator will be displayed on your chart. The FrogAlgo Cloud is similar in effect as the EMA Cloud, and can determine the current trend direction.
EMA Energy Cloud
Cloud-based intelligence for executing the perfect trade. With EMA Cloud, traders more confident when trading. Our Volatility and EMA Cloud will act as a confirmation for trading decisions and ensure a perfect trade every timeframe.
WMA Double Lines
It works great when combining with Top & Bottom indicator. WMA help us to find what is the best time for getting in position.