Main Setting

Good to know: Main Setting displays the most important data and important of toolkit. There are two main parts available; manual adjustment data and most basic indicators. There are some details below:

Manual Adjustments

Manual adjustment of signals settings allow the traders customize them for fitting their style trading, and for different markets (coins, oil, futures...).
Confirmation Signals:
These confirmation signals are affected by 3 elements; Frequency, Gain and Standard Deviation. This can be adjusted to reflect your trading strategy (Buy | Sell, SuperBuy | SuperSell). We recommend a 5-minute view for default with basics set up like the picture below:
Confirmation Signals adjustment is found within "Main Setting" as it is intended for more advanced users who want to set up own style on trading. In order to fit your own style and for each market/stocks, you can find the suggestion adjustment in Discord under the name "Adjustment Setting Bot"

Manual Adjustments Suggestion:

Do you specifically want to trade shorter-term trends on the timeframes (1M to 15M) you use?
  • Consider using Frequency: 69 to 89, Gain: 8, Standard Deviation: 4
Do you specifically want to trade longer-term trends on the timeframes (30M and above) you use?
  • Consider using Frequency: 29 to 39 Gain: 11 to 14, Standard Deviation: 8-12
Alternatively, you can use the default as we suggest when installing the tool.

Buy | Sell Signals

Buy or sell signal is a revolutionary new tool to help you maximize your trading potential and minimize your risk. It uses data-driven algorithms to automatically generate buy and sell recommendations and to notify you when it's time to enter and exit your trades

SuperBuy | SuperSell

They are only showing off when huge volume coming on next few candles.

Strong Volume Up/Down

The Strong Volume Up/Down mode provides the signals when the volumes has a big change on chart, we use a white triangle to avoid chart clutter. It is display with (On/Off)

Candles Coloring

The candle coloring feature allows the user to change the body color of the candles/bars when using candlesticks or bar charts. Two coloring modes are available, and it works for Heikin-Ashi, Hollow, and Japanese Candles.
Confirmation simple color mode is based on the data used by confirmation signals and is the one enabled by default. This mode uses two colors, each one can be explained as follows: Green Candle (Strong Buy Active), Red Candle (Strong Sell Active)
Confirmation Gradient color mode is also based on the volumes and RSI that generates confirmation signals, but will slightly differ from the previously described confirmation simple color mode. Lighter green colors indicate strong bullish, while lighter red colors indicate strong bearish. Colors closer to purple to red indicate that volume is low and maybe bearish on next candles. Opposite, the purple candles transfer to dark green is bullish trend.
Pay Attention: In order to use candle coloring as properly as possible make sure to disable the borders setting in your chart settings.