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General Strategies

We recommend that customers use the Heikin Ashi chart. This can be adjusted to reflect your trading strategy. We recommend a 5-minute view for default.

Three main TimeFrames (3M-5M-15M) Strategy

Traders can often use multiple timeframes (3M-5M-15M) in order to confirm set up on trading. On the other hand, using a higher timeframe (45M to 1W) to gain a higher view to have a cleaner entry to max profits. In the imagine below, we show some generic price action on the 5M chart:
Highlighted with white arrows are basic strategy when combining some advanced indicators from FrogAlgo; buy | sell signals, candles gradient, strong confirm volume and triangle pattern detection.
{SuperBuy - SuperSell} Confirmation Signals: is showed when large volumes buying or selling. It is just available on (1M, 3M, 5M, 15M) timeframes. Just wait for 2-3 candles with colors that confirm that trend is bullish ( colors of candles from purple to dark green...)

WMA Lines Strategy

Using the WMA Lines together with confirmation signals can be a simple and effective way to trade. As you see the picture below, the reversal points confirms when WMA colors change. It is very strong bullish or bearish when combining WMA Lines and White Triangle Icon (Strong Vol Up/Down Indicator)
Pay attention: traders don't need to get in position immediately when WMA changes color, just wait for few candles for strong confirmation is trend is bullish or bearish; color of candle, long candles, strong volume Up/Down.

Reversal Balls Strategy

Reversal Balls are one of Frog Algo’s powerful indicator. They act just as the name would imply. They are ideal for high timeframes (5M to 30M). Reversal balls are demonstrated in operation with confirmation signals in the image below.
Candles Gradient signals aiming to target exact market tops and bottoms. These are great when combining together. As shown in the image above, when the candles find itself in the bottom price (purple ball) along with a gradient signals it provides a perfect spot for buy | sell opportunity.
Using the TrendCatcher together with Buy | Sell signals can be a simple and effective way to trade and predict the near future on market. The Trend Catcher is found within Frog Algo’s Indicators Setting.