Spotting Market Reversal (Top)

Spotting a market reversal bottom is a challenging task, as it requires careful analysis and consideration of various indicators and factors. While it is not possible to predict market bottoms with certainty, here are some approaches and indicators that traders commonly use to spot potential market reversal tops:
I: Oscillator Line in SellZone (RedZone)
  • White Line And | Or Golden Line in RedZone
II: One or Two Patterns below:
  • SMAs (20,50,200) And | Or EMA200 Resistance
  • Inverted H Pattern ( Double Tops )
  • Gap_Down in Oscillator
  • Side_Way Candles + Resistance Line:
Pay Attention: Resistance Line is drew based on the support or resistance line previous day
Traders need to combine pattern of 3 timeframes for better result in trading.
We will update videos for spotting market reversal (top) as soon as possible.